National Weather Service dropping 'Coyote' drones

The National Weather Service is joining the drone trend as the agency plans to send unmanned aircraft into hurricanes this season. The drone, named Coyote, will be dropped in the middle of storms.

"We eject these from the airplane and as soon as it's clear of the airplane, a ballistic parachute will be deployed, and that'll essentially pull the wings and the tail to flight mode, and then the engine will start and the aircraft will fly away," said NOAA Hurricane Hunter Pilot Michael Silah.

Into the storm then right back out. Up to eight Coyote drones will be dropped this season. They'll fly between 100 and 2,000 feet above the surface of the ocean, gathering data that planes can't quite get.

"That's where the buildings are, that's where the structures are, that's where the people are," added NOAA Research Meteorologist Joseph Cione.

On March 25, both Florida senators, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Bill Nelson, gathered at committee meeting to talk about NOAA's improvements and investments.

"Hurricanes are a big deal, and if you know their intensity, their direction, and the speed at which they're going to hit land, then you can get people out of the way," Nelson said.

NOAA is expecting big things from Coyote.

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