Gulf Shores officials watching "potential" storm

Local officials are making sure they stay weather-ready.

The threat of a potential storm has a chance of affecting our local coastal communities.

Local officials are making sure they stay weather-ready.

The last time Gulf Shores was effected by a major hurricane was more than a decade ago, however a system developing far off the shores has local officials attention.

"Anytime we get reports of tropical activity it starts to perk our ears up and this gives us a chance as a city to make sure our plans we've worked on as a team here are in place and all of our department heads understand their roles," Grant Brown with the City of Gulf Shores said.

Even though a storm is thousands of miles away. officials in Gulf Shores say this will be good practice on making simple preparations in case a storm does approach.

"We are watching the progress of these events. We are hoping it turns up and stays away from the Gulf of Mexico it looks like it may end up in the Gulf at one point," Brown said.

One of the most important things officials say is for coastal residents to have an evacuation decal in case of emergency.

"We will put a checkpoint in at a northern end of the coastal bridge and in order for a resident or business leader for anybody to get on the island they will have to have proper identification and credentials," Brown said.

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