South Alabama Jags Fan Day gives chance to meet coaches and players

(img: WPMI)

As the whistle blows on Fridays practice the South Alabama Jags are that much closer to the season opener with a new coach at the helm.

After the opening of the brand new practice facility and discussions of an on-campus stadium, the excitement around the Jag football program is at an all time high. Players are still in disbelief they get practice every day in a facility like this one.

“I actually didn’t think it would be here while I would still be here, but it’s a blessing to have it.”

Steve Campbell takes over a program that’s looking for a quarterback to lead a an offense that has a lot of promise.

Redshirt freshmen Cepheus Johnson, a Mobile native, and seniors Cole Garvin and Evan Orth are battling it out for the starting spot.

“I think each of them have there own things that they are a little bit better at, and actually Evan has done a great job, everybody keeps forgetting about Evan, I wouldn’t do that if I was you.”

You don’t have to name a starter, you don’t gain extra points by naming a starter a week earlier, you don’t get a ten to nothing lead by you named your starter quick your up ten to nothing, no you still, were in no hurry.

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