Montana company builds set for NBC’s Olympics coverage

NBC Olympic studio designed by Everlog Systems.Photo courtesy of Stewart Hansen

Concrete log cabin manufacturer EverLog Systems has been in Missoula 14 years. The company is making news as the creator of one of NBC’s sets for the Olympics.

“It’s called the winter lodge. It’s one of their sets NBC set up for the Olympics. They used our 8-inch round EverLogs for the walls of that. They’re looking for a durable realistic-looking product, and it just happened to be a perfect fit,” said company president Stewart Hansen.

EverLog uses its patented technologies for building concrete log homes, but they also work with the timber industry.

“We partner with a lot of the log and timber companies. We focus on the exterior of the home, and the log and timber guys provide a lot of the wood for the interior, so whether it’s a staircase or a banister we have great working relationships with that company,” said Hansen.

Having been in the building industry for years, they have built up a rapport with companies, which allowed them to get the NBC contract.

“A company that we worked with and knew a little bit about, and they’re back in New York -- a studio design company and a construction company -- and they preassembled the set in New York and disassembled and put it on a container and shipped it over to South Korea and reassembled it for the Olympics,” said Hansen.

Hansen says with more work coming in they are looking to hire more people. He credits Missoula as a great place to find help.

“Missoula will always be our home base and we will continue to add employees here and continue to grow our core operations here in Missoula,” he said.

EverLog Systems hopes to beautify concrete homes all over the United States.

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