Unusual tradition at Foley golf course lightens the mood in serious tournament

Unusual tradition at Foley golf course lightens the mood in serious tournament

The National Junior College Athletic Association Division II golf championship is happening this week at GlenLakes Golf Club where there's an unusual course tradition.

Spectator Micah Jackson said, “If you go in the water twice, you have to throw your shoes in the tree, and I think that is an awesome thing. It gives this course a lot of character.”

It was that same character that brought the NJCAA to Foley.

NJCAA representative Dale Vos says, “The majority of the schools here are in the Midwest. Well, coming South after the spring that a lot of us have had, this sounds pretty good.”

It was an easy sell for most of these schools, 21 different schools, in fact. One hundred thirty of the best junior college players have taken to the links over the past four days.

The most popular thing talked about on this golf course through the week had to deal with a pair of golf shoes.

Visitor Kenneth Berry said, “It’s definitely unique, something you never see. Golf is, you know, all serious and this is a big event for the kids. It is serious but this definitely lightens the mood.”

The par 3 third hole on the Vista side of the course has been one of the toughest holes, with one day playing at 133 over par.

Jackson said, “So I can imagine the average just guy on the weekend out here playing may lose several pairs of shoes on this hole.”

When it came time to ask how some of the patrons would play the hole, the answers differed.

One person said, “I would throw them up there before I went to the tee box.”

Another proposed, “I would step up here on this hole. I’m like, 'what are these guys doing?' I’m going to knock it on the green and make birdie.”

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