Pensacola High fires head football coach

Pensacola High fires head football coach

Pensacola High School (PHS) head coach Mike Mincy has been fired from the school, according to Principal David Williams.

Williams confirms with WEAR that the school fired Mike Mincy on Tuesday.

He added Mincy was fired from the school for lack of supervision in connection with an incident where several students are accused of assaulting a teammate.

Raymond Corner has taken the role as head coach for the football team for the rest of the season. Corner was an assistant coach on Mincy’s staff.

Mincy told WEAR he is still employed with the school district and has been re-assigned to another school in the county. He'll be teaching at the school.

He added he'll have a statement on the incident at a later date.

Mincy was placed on paid administrative leave after video surfaced of the assault that happened on Sept. 18.

Four football players remain subject to removal from the school in connection to the incident.

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