Judge strikes down St. Paul's motion for a preliminary injuction

St. Paul's Episcopal School.png

(Mobile)--St. Paul's hgh school has a 4A enrollment, but will be forced to compete in 6A athletics. A judge has denied the school's motion for a preliminary injunction against the Alabama High School Athletic Association competitive balance rule.

It's a rule that requires smaller schools, who have had a certain amount of success to move up in classification. This rule affects 15 sports at St. Paul's including football, the Saints have won 3 of the last 4 5A state football championships.

Last month St. Paul's filed a civil lawsuit against the AHSAA to avoid being forced to move up a classification.

Private schools in Alabama have been subjected with the 1.35 multiplier since 1999. Each private school student counts as 1.35 students, this also moved the Saints up a classification. The competitive balance rule was passed last fall.

The Saints argued they were being penalized twice and that football players face a greater chance of being injured if they're forced to play against larger schools. The judge disagreed.

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