Lance's commentary on players skipping bowl games


The college football bowl games are behind us now and a hot topic, especially on talk radio the last couple of years has been the growing number of players choosing to skip their team's bowl game.

In part to avoid injury as well to get an early start on preparing for the NFL draft.

It amazes me how many people are outraged by this and are quick to demonize a player as selfish, unable to keep a commitment, and a sign of who they really are.

I agree with that it's a sign of who they really are.

Guys who have millions of dollars on the line that can be wiped out by an injury.

Especially an injury suffered just months before NFL teams will make a decision on their futures.

And why are players selfish when coaches have been doing the same thing for decades.

Have a big season bolt for a better job.

It's just how business is done. I rarely hear them called selfish.

Take Manny Diaz for example.

December 13th. He was hired as the head coach of the Temple Owls.

That very day Diaz said, "I am so excited to be in Philly and honored to be the head coach at Temple University,"

Well this was Diaz today being introduced as the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

Temple gave him his first opportunity to be a head coach and 18 days later, calls it his dream job.

Just like every kid who ever played football says the NFL is their dream job.

So it doesn't bother "me" that someone decides to skip the "sun bowl" because he has a chance to be a first draft pick.

By the time that decision is made the university and coaches Have benefited from his contributions in a big way.

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