TALKING TRASH: Prichard Residents Want Streets Cleaned Up

    PRICHARD, Ala (WPMI) Streets in Alabama Village are plagued with a growing amount of trash.

    Prichard resident and community activist Mario Cannon sent Local 15 a video of trash on Etowah Street in Alabama Village.

    Cannon says the community is tired of the trash, and is ready for a change.

    "If you look around, there appears to be an attitude of we can do this here," he says. "And, number two, after we do this here, the people who have the authority and the capability to clean it up, they're not going to."

    Prichard Mayor Troy Ephriam says he is listening, and the groundwork to revive Alabama Village is already underway. He knows the trash issue has to be addressed first.

    He says, "We've got a plan to address the redevelopment of Alabama Village. But the first thing we've got to do right now is get the illegal dumping under control."

    He also says he has asked Prichard police to do additional patrolling after hours, in hopes to catch who is doing the illegal dumping.

    Mayor Ephriam states he's also directing his staff to clean up the mess, clear the right of way, then use concrete barricades to close streets where the litter is worse and where homes no longer exist.

    Still, Mario Cannon remains skeptical. "If they're going to block the street off, I'd love to see them do it," he says. "Maybe we can get some progress then. But talking is one thing and action is completely different."

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