Talking Trash: City Crews Clean Up Pile Of Dirty Diapers

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) A vacant lot that was full of dirty diapers and spoiled food Thursday morning is now clean after Local 15 News and the city of Mobile got involved.

The smell and sight was enough to make anyone walking by nauseous. After all, human feces and diapers don't exactly beautify a neighborhood.

"To actually see diapers and food waste, it really just shocks the conscious when you see it," said Oakleigh Garden District Resident Chris McGough.

McGough said the pile of trash had been sitting on the empty Palmetto Street lot since Tuesday.

When Local 15 News got involved, we called Mayor Stimpson's Chief of Staff, Colby Cooper, who drove over to check out the smelly situation.

"It's really hard not to just get absolutely livid. I mean if you look at that crap, and there's another four letter word I want to use to describe it, but I want to be respectful to your viewers. But this is why Mayor Stimpson has declared a war on litter," said Cooper.

Within the hour, Cooper had crews on the scene cleaning up the private lot. Now city officials want to know who is responsible.

Neighbors showed us pieces of mail and sensitive documents they said they found inside the trash pile. Several pieces list the "First Step of God" on them, which is a church around the corner.

So, Local 15 stopped by the church on Broad Street for answers. Employees told us no one from their church would dump trash on someone else's property.

"We have to pay for our trash to get emptied. Why would we go over there and take our trash over there when we have dumpsters right here. We wouldn't do something like that," said church employee Iris Rodgers.

Rodgers said they've had problems in the past with people rummaging through their trash.

"Probably a homeless man saw something they liked or someone saw something they like and they probably went through it and dumped it over there," said Rodgers.
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