Talking Trash: Cleaning Up the Mess at Murphy High School

    MOBILE, Ala (WPMI) A while back, those living around Murphy High School didn't hide the face they were unhappy with the litter across and around campus.

    So they took pictures then took to the internet to share complaints, Carman Kearley, who lives in the neighborhood and works at Murphy High School, understood their frustration. She hopes that everyone has noticed the area is cleaner, as part of an effort to beautify the campus and the neighborhood.

    "I hope everybody's noticed that we are doing something right and it's a concerted effort of the custodial staff here and the students here," she said.

    Murphy principal Dr. William Smith said, "We want the public to know we really care about this campus and the community."

    Paul Lockett, president of Keep Panthers Beautiful, said they are now working with Keep Mobile Beautiful to get grants for campus improvements, as well as implement recycling on campus.

    "When they go and pick up litter, they start to get a respect for the school and start to have more pride for their school," said Lockett. "So the more we instill that pride, the better the campus is going to be."

    The school's alumni association is in the process of restoring the historic Carlin House to turn it into a school archive building and meeting place.

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