City Takes Over Recycling Center

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) A month after a Local 15 Reality Check on the deplorable conditions at the recycling center on Government Blvd. city officials are taking action and taking over the lease on the building.

Before Tuesday, the non-profit group Keep Mobile Beautiful leased the property.

As Local 15's Christian Jennings reports, one of the first items of business is repairing the leaky roof. And repairs are long overdue. The coordinator for Keep Mobile Beautiful said the roof has been a leaky mess for the past seven years.
Now the question is, will the city keep the recycling center on Government Blvd. or move it?

Roughly 200 drop-offs are made there every day, so the recycling center certainly gets the job done.
But boy is it unsightly. And when it rains, workers say you don't want to be inside.

"We've got leaks in the roof. We've got mold and mildew inside. Now that the city will lease it they'll be able to put a new roof on it and we'll be a lot better off," said Bob Haskins, Coordinator for Keep Mobile Beautiful.

How much the repairs will cost is still unknown. But the council did vote unanimously to take over the lease that will cost $2,550 per month for 36 months.

"For the next 36 months we'll not only be looking at our options at the current site but we'll also be looking at a more expansive set of options which says do we need more capacity? Are we in the right location?" said Colby Cooper, Mobile's Chief of Staff.

Whether the recycling center moves or stays put and expands, city officials said Tuesday's actions are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a cleaner Mobile.

Local 15 did ask whether the city will ever implement curbside recycling. Cooper replied saying a decision hasn't been made but that all options are on the table for discussion.
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