SALUTE TO FIRST RESPONDERS: Motorcycle cops featured in new book

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Mardi Gras is an exciting time for revelers, and a busy time for police officers.

We tip our hats to some of Mobile's finest that spend the carnival season keeping us safe and happy.

Mardi Gras -- It's the time of year Mobile really lets its hair down. Sometimes a fine-line between Mardi Gras revelry, and a little too much fun.

Our first repsonders walk the line between heavy handed law enforcement and keeping it light..

"So i wanted to make sure from our point of view . We want to put on our best behavior."

Lt. Darryl McMillan commands the traffic safety unit. He puts his motorcycle officers through their paces to make sure their skills are honed, not only on their bikes, but also among the revelers.

"Kinda like your momma growing up and you have guests in your house. so we need to make sure all the officers under my command know they are guests. And he looks at mobile revelers as guests.. and those guys can be a pretty rowdy bunch."

(You can use pics from this sight )

It is a small slice of Mardi Gras now featured in a beautiful new coffee table book called: "Bon Temps".

Eleanor Inge baker authored the chapter introductions.

"Must have been really tough because he is such a tough guy to get to know and get to love right.. ""lt. mcmillian is such a generous, magnanimous person. so sweet and soft spoken so it was an honor to get to meet him and interview him."

He's been on the Mardi Gras beat for more than three decades. and his chapter introduction reveals a softer side of law enforcement.

".Who even thought he's doing his job, he might actually be getting some enjoyment out of it..(mc) and you think about it.. 364 days of the year and we look forward to that one particular day and enjoy ourselves, but also do our job in a professional way , to make sure everyone around us is safe.."

Mardi Gras is really the Superbowl for both the mobile motorcycle unit, and the mounted patrol.. makes ya wonder if there is any competition between the two.

"You know motorcycle is always the best, we work the hardest."

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