National Public Safety Telecom Week: Honoring Mobile public safety dispatchers

(IMG:WPMI) National Public Safety Telecom Week: Honoring Mobile public safety dispatchers

Dispatchers behind the phone when you call 911 are considered the first, first responders to emergency situations. Often times they are the most unsung and unseen heroes but this week we are highlighting the important work they do every day in honor of National Public Safety Telecommunication Week.

KrystenRichard is the overnight supervisor for the Mobile Fire Rescue Dispatch, and says you have to be prepared for anything, because no two phone calls are the same.

“We are not sure if we are going to talk to a child whose mother is sick, or we are not sure if we are talking to someone whose house is on fire. It’s totally unexpected and unpredicted, but we are prepared for whatever happens. We are very well-trained,” said Krysten Richard.

All public safety dispatchers have to go through training, learning to be knowledgeable in a variety of scenarios, all to help every single person that calls 911. And for Krysten, one highlight of her career is when she helped a mother deliver a baby over the phone.

“Just hearing that baby cry, I was in paradise. So I will say that was the highlight of my career. I’ve only been here a year and a half but that was the highlight. You just never know what to expect,” added Krysten.

While dispatchers rarely get the recognition for their jobs, they do it because they have a love for helping people, just like first responders.

“It makes me feel good. I go home every night knowing I helped someone and that I helped many people,” said Krysten.

Thank you to all of the public safety dispatchers working in our area and helping everyone during an emergency.

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