Unpaved potholes a problem in Prichard

(IMAGE: WPMI) Unpaved potholes a problem in Prichard

There are several poorly paved streets in Prichard with gaping potholes and the city has a list of projects to fix.

One road in Prichard that has a daycare and several homes on it is barely drivable, and residents say that their frustrations have fallen on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, a Prichard councilwoman’s street has been freshly paved.

We talked to the owners of the daycare and local residents who say they have been trying to get Truman Drive paved for years.

We brought their concerns to councilwoman Severia Campbell-Morris, who said every council member is a citizen too, and deserves their roads to be repaved as well.

A viewer called into the new NBC 15 Your Voice hotline and told us about a huge hole on Main Street in Prichard as well, which drivers have to drive around.

We saw multiple potholes and other dangerous driving distractions throughout our drive around Prichard.

Campbell-Morris asked people to be patient.

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