Trash pickup moves forward with fewer public works employees

(image: WPMI) Trash pickup moves forward with fewer public works employees

For months, trash hasn't been collected on time in the city of Mobile and a dispute between public works employees and the city is only getting worse.

29 employees are on administrative leave and their jobs in jeopardy after taking time off to air their complaints to city hall.

Public works employees tell NBC 15 they feel they're being manipulated, possibly even pushed out so the city can hire a private company.

Now after speaking out they fear they could lose their jobs.

For 13 weeks, the city has lagged behind on trash.

Employees say they're being bullied and mistreated by supervisor Jeffrey Dees, which came up at city council again yesterday

At least 50 public works employees have signed a letter saying they all feel harassed.

They also say they're afraid to speak out.

Staffing is short at the moment after the sick-out last week, when employees tried to voice their issues to the city which left 29 on administrative leave.

City council spokesman George Talbot says staffing has been spread around to try and catch up for all the weeks they are behind.

As for the employees placed on administrative leave hearings are underway and the fate of their jobs should be known by the end of the week.

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