Reality Check: You're paying for an election you're not showing up to


Tomorrow, Alabama voters will decide if Republican Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones will be going to Washington. A decision that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. But for all the attention this race has gotten, for all the money taxpayers are shelling out to have this election. Alabama's Secretary of State predicts just one quarter of registered voters will turnout at polling locations.

This year's special U.S. Senate election has seen very low turnout. In the August primary, just 17% of voters cast a ballot. A month later in the Republican runoff, even fewer showed up. Voter turnout was 14% statewide. Tomorrow, turnout is anticipated to be higher, but still just 25%. Even though many of you aren't participating, you are paying for it. The Secretary of State's Office estimates each election cost taxpayers $5milllion for a total of $15 million this election cycle.

"People deserve the right to choose their elected leadership. I understand there is a cost to it, but the representation has to be a representation of the people. If we take that away what you'll have is special interest groups or people with special interests with the appointing authority, and it would take away the opportunity for the people to decide. who they best want to represent them," said Alabama House Representative Napoleon Bracy.

These are just preliminary figures. The secretary of state's office says final numbers, the actual cost won't be known until next year.

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