Reality Check Update: Mobile sidewalk fixed after years of requests to city

    (IMG: WPMI / Muriel Bailey) Mobile sidewalk finally fixed after years of requests to city

    Back in May a woman came to us for help because for years she had requested the city to repair her sidewalk.

    We pushed for answers and this week the city fixed the problem.

    Dorothy Jones can now walk up and down her sidewalk on Clinton Street without having to step in the street.

    "It made me feel so much better and I know my great granddaughter is going to feel nice because now cause she can ride her bicycle up here now," Jones said.

    After more than a five year wait and several requests, city crews came out and repaired the sidewalk.

    "I was so glad I didn't even go in the house. I sat on the porch and watched them," she said.

    Jones reached out to us in May for help. Our cameras captured how the sidewalk was cracked and broken up.

    Jones said she went to the city in 2013 asking them to fix the sidewalk. The city promised it would fix it within five years but that time frame passed.

    Neighbors were also upset after getting flat tires when pulling into the driveway, but now the issue has been resolved.

    "This is just a big improvement. Just coming in the driveway is so smooth," Chantay Taylor said.

    Taylor says it’s a welcomed change. "I feel so much better about it," she said. "My main worry was if I kept going over it that something might puncture the tires."

    Jones says she’s thankful our story brought attention to her concerns.

    “Thank y’all so much. I thank y’all so much for helping me get it done,” Jones said.

    Jones says she's sure her great granddaughter will be happy when she comes by to ride her bike this weekend.

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