REALITY CHECK: NBC 15 seeks answers after Prichard officer arrest


NBC 15 News is continuing to press for answers about the rehiring of a Prichard Police officer who is now facing criminal charges for the third time.

It's been one week since Prichard Police arrested officer Bryan Pearman. He's accused of hitting a woman, kidnapping her and threatening to kill her.

We now know that Pearman is on unpaid administrative leave.

But ever since the arrest, we've been trying to get answers for you from Prichard Police and the Mobile County Personnel Board about Pearman's employment history. We wanted to know his dates of employment and whether he has any disciplinary actions on his record. Those questions still haven't been answered.

Because we weren't getting answers locally, we contacted the State Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission. According to them, Bryan Pearman was employed by the Prichard Police Department as an applicant to the Law Enforcement Academy from October of 2011 until February of 2012. He was again employed by Prichard PD two months later and became a certified police officer in July of 2012.

We know from court records, that before Pearman became a police officer, he was charged with cruelty to animals in 2010 for shooting a neighbor's dog. But that charge was later dismissed.

Then in October of 2013, while he was an officer, Pearman was arrested for aggravated child abuse.

His employment with Prichard PD was terminated in June of 2014, which was five months before a grand jury chose not to indict Pearman on the child abuse charge.

Then in March of 2017, Prichard PD decided to rehire Pearman.

Now, less than a year later, he's facing charges of kidnapping and domestic violence.

Prichard's chief of staff, James Blackman, had this response when we confronted him in person at city hall.

"I got the email we're just not responding today," said Blackman.

"Well the public really wants to know why Pearman was rehired," said NBC 15's Christian Jennings. "Well like I say it's under investigation and at the appropriate time you'll see the information."

In addition to the legal problems, we should point out Pearman also saved a life in March of this year, performing CPR on an unconscious man.

He'll be back in court on November 28th for these most recent charges.

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