Reality Check: Murder suspect out on bond, arrested again with AK-47

Reality Check: Murder suspect out on bond, arrested again with AK-47

It has happened again. An accused murderer, who has been allowed back on the streets on bond, is now once again accused of more serious crimes involving guns. NBC 15's Andrea Ramey is following the dizzying pace of the revolving door at Mobile Metro Jail.

During a drug bust Monday night, the Mobile County Sheriff's Office arrested an accused murderer, and investigators say he had an assault rifle and a 9mm. This isn't Antonio Grimes' first trip to jail. He was arrested for robbery in 2012, and in 2016., he was accused of murdering Thaddeus Knight

Sound familiar? It should. Last month investigators say Jesse Lane broke into cars and stole guns, while out on bond for murder.

"We're in a catch 22. The judges have to give a bond, and then the officers and citizens get upset when they see they've been re-arrested. Why isn't he in jail?" said Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran.

Cochran knows it's frustrating for all parties involved, and that's why he's looking to stop the revolving door at jail.

"We're looking at could we have a better reporting system, maybe ankle monitoring. Quite honestly if they can afford a $100,000 bond and spend some money, they can afford an ankle bracelet where we can track and see where they're going. So they'd be less likely to commit more crimes," said Cochran.

Cochran says his office is in the process of gathering data now and will be working with the judges to better monitor those who are likely to re-offend.

Grimes and lane are off the streets tonight. Both are behind bars.

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