REALITY CHECK: Mobile County sex offender arrested repeatedly

(image: MGN) REALITY CHECK: Mobile County sex offender arrested repeatedly

A rapist who refuses to let authorities know his whereabouts is back behind bars. James Maples was arrested early this morning for violating the Sex Offender Registration Notification Act (SORNA). NBC 15's Andrea Ramey talked to investigators, who say Maples has repeatedly been arrested for this.

This is maples fourth time being arrested for violating SORNA, twice in the last two months.

"If they violate, I'm going to put them in jail. It's the best place for them," said Detective Mark Tunstall.

Tunstall is tasked with tracking down all sex offenders in Mobile County and for good reason.

"Sex offenders are more likely to violate," said Tunstall.

In 2004 Maples was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl and branded a sex offender, which means he has to follow certain rules about where he lives and how often he checks in with authorities. Rules, Tunstall says, Maples has a hard time following.

"I'd want to know if there was a sex offender and I've got small children living in a neighborhood, especially when the offender has been accused of raping a child in the past," said Tunstall.

Maples was arrested in 2006, 2014, and last month for violating SORNA. Tunstall says last month, Maples refused to get a driver's license that has the sex offender label on it.. Monday morning he was busted once again, this time for not checking in.

"He's somebody who’s going to wind up in prison, again. That's where he's headed to. Right now he's got three felony charges pending against him in court. We'll see what happens," said Tunstall.

Maples was also arrested for receiving stolen property Monday morning. The sheriff's office says with Maples in jail, property crimes in the Irvington area where he lives will go down. That's been the trend they say with his previous stints in jail.

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