Reality Check: Guns in Schools arming administrators

(image: WPMI) Reality Check: Guns in Schools arming administrators

Governor Kay Ivey is putting her Alabama Sentry Program in to motion to have armed administrators inside Alabama schools.

But some schools aren't fully sold on the action plan.

Baldwin and Mobile County school officials say they're reviewing the plan.

Superintendents for both counties have stated publicly in the past: They're not for arming school personnel.

Governor Kay Ivey created the Alabama Sentry Program. It would allow administrators to volunteer for special training to use guns in schools that don't have a school resource officer.

Right now in Mobile County there are currently 13 SRO's for 88 campuses leaving a large of school campuses basically unprotected.

Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran says he supports Ivey's move.

In Baldwin County the superintendent and sheriff are actively working on a plan to have a law enforcement officer stationed at every single school.

Mobile County says it will consult with law enforcement and school board members before any decisions are made.

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