Reality Check: Fact checking Moore attack ad

(Roy Moore AP photo by Brynn Anderson) REALITY CHECK: Fact-checking campaign ads

Nine women have come forward with sexual misconduct claims against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. One woman says she was 14 years old when Moore touched her inappropriately. Moore's opponent, Doug Jones, is pouncing on those claims, and in a new attack ad claims Moore is sympathetic to child molesters.

"Alabama there's a pattern. In a 2014 case involving a man abusing two young girls, Moore disagreed and wrote the dissenting opinion," a voice in the ad says.

"They make an inference that's just not backed up by record," said conservative columnist Quin Hillyer.

Hillyer has publicly called Moore an "oddball and zealot." He plans to write-in a candidate December 12th, but on this ad, Hillyer's defending Moore.

"I'm trying to fairly call balls and strikes," said Hillyer.

It's true Moore did write dissenting opinions, siding with defendants in sex abuse cases. But in two of the three cases the ad points out, he wasn't the only justice siding with the accused. In the 2014 case, two other justices agreed with Moore, who wrote that the defendant should have been able to submit certain evidence into the case.

"You can't say there is a clear pattern," said Hillyer.

A New York Times review earlier this month of 20 sex crime cases found Moore sided with the accused 13 times. "A higher rate than almost all of his colleagues."

It's important to note Moore was not deciding guilt or innocence in any of these cases.

"Whatever you think about the allegations against Moore personally, his judicial record does not show any clear evidence of that," said Hillyer.

NBC News reports Jones is out spending Moore 10-to-1 on ads, but two polls this past week show Moore with a five and six point lead over Jones.

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