Gun range owner answers concerned community's outcry

(img: WPMI) Gun range owner answers concerned community's outcry

UPDATE 7:30PM: Jeff Stone has agreed to move his proposed gun range on Novatan Road after a huge community rally against it. Watch the video above for the full story.


ORIGINAL STORY: People who live off Tanner Williams are meeting tonight to try and fight a gun range that is just feet away from their homes.

The community is expected to meet with range owner Jeff Stone in a public forum that he asked for, to try and come to terms with the business slated to open right in their backyards

Last week neighbors showed us exactly how close the proposed gun range off Novatan Road would be, just a few yards behind their quiet neighborhood

After they learned a range had received permits to build, a petition was started against it, quickly getting hundreds of signatures.

Owner Jeff Stone tells us safety measures will prevent any real danger, but the people living on Novatan still want to see the range moved elsewhere.

The community meeting is scheduled to begin at the Tanner Williams Historical Society at 6 tonight. We'll bring you the latest tonight at 10.

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