Only on NBC 15 News: Video of undercover officers posing as drug dealers

(image: WPMI) Only on NBC 15 News: Video of undercover officers posing as drug dealers

Now, a different kind of consumer alert. This one puts drug users on notice. Only NBC 15 News is there as police target the drug deals that are happening every day in our streets. NBC 15's Andrea Ramey takes us behind the scenes of an undercover operation in the Campground community off MLK.

Video you'll only see on NBC 15 News shows undercover officers conducting a sting selling fake drugs. We're there as Mobile Police swiftly move in for the arrest after the deal is made.

"We have to eradicate that. We cannot allow drug deals that occur openly in public," said Maj. John Barber.

This operation, dubbed consumer alert, targets drug users.

"We've taken on the role of street-level drug dealers," said Chief Lawrence Battiste.

Our camera was rolling as one woman drops an object. Police say it’s the fake pot she just purchased from an undercover cop in the parking lot.

"I think you dropped something back there where they picked up you," said NBC 15's Andrea Ramey.

"I didn't drop nothing," the woman replies.

A total of ten people are loaded in the police paddy wagon and carted off to Mobile Metro Jail.

"Not a good day when you wind up in handcuffs," said Ramey.

"It is what it is. It is what it is," Michael Wheat replied.

Wheat was picked up on six warrants for distribution charges that stem from a previous drug operation in the Campground community.

"So he's in jail. He should be there for quite some time," said Barber.

"Several years back, we came in and it was our last open air drug markets We're just trying to maintain a strong hold on the community," said Battiste.

Often police focus their operations on the dealers, but Chief Battiste says you have to attack the drug problem not only from the top but also the bottom.

"We are targeting those that would consume the product on the street," said Battiste.

"A lot of our neighborhoods are plagued with violent crime because of illegal drug activity. A lot of our shootings and robberies are because of drug deals gone wrong. A lot of those that are using drugs are breaking into homes and cars to get the money in order to buy drugs," said Barber.

Seven people were arrested for attempting to possess a controlled substance. That's a felony. Three others were arrested for loitering for the purpose of drug activity.

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