Mobile makes progress on trash delay, Public Works job fair planned

(img: WPMI)

We're getting answers to how the city of Mobile is progressing to catch up with a trash delay.

NBC 15 news has been monitoring a few neighborhoods plagued with trash piles.

Saturday we found a large pile on Bradford Ave.

"It's been here two and a half weeks," Kathy Jefferson said.

Today (Thursday) that pile is gone.

We also went on Burma Road near Demetroplis where we saw mattresses and piles of trash.

Today those too were cleared.

John Peavy, Mobile's Public Works Director says crews have been working to catch up and now since they are back to using their normal drop location at Dirt Incorporated crews plan to pick up this weekend as well.

He says they are now about 2 and a half weeks behind.

"I think we've seen over the last two to three months one of the results of not having a fully staffed department," Mobile city councilman Levon Manzie said.

To help with the process and get more man power, next week city council members are holding a job fair looking to fill 20 positions within the Public Works Department.

Manzie says he believes this will prevent future delays.

"We want to get that department well-staffed with capable individuals so hopefully at least that facet of the delays will be solved," he said.

The job fair is Monday, July 2nd at Dumas Wesley Community Center from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

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