Majority of Alabamians want to vote on lottery

(image: WPMI) Majority of Alabamians want to vote on lottery

Polling shows a majority of Alabamians want the chance to vote on a lottery, so why do we have to wait on lawmakers to take action?

Oklahoma voters legalized medical marijuana this week and later this year California voters could elect to separate into three different states --

How? Not by going through the normal channels, boring committee hearings, and a vote by a legislative body.

These states are what are considered initiative and referendum states... meaning the people can bypass their state capitol… gathering tens of thousands of signatures to put an issue directly on the ballot.

26 states allow voters offer initiatives or referendums.... notice Alabama isn't one of them.... and because of that -- we have to wait on lawmakers to decide what we get to vote on... say like a lottery.

Political Science professor Sam Fisher explains why the grip on power is so tight here compared to other states.

So unless something in Montgomery changes, voters will continue to wait to exercise their will at the ballot box.

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