Law enforcement warn: Don't pay at the pump

(image: MGN) Law enforcement warn: Don't pay at the pump

It’s a nationwide problem, skimmers at gas pumps.

Identity thieves are always looking for and finding ways to break into gas pumps to steal customer information.

A Harrison County Officer from the Sheriff’s Office describes just how quickly thieves are breaking in to gas pump machines to steal information.

"This key, opens this. You can get these on ebay, they're all the same. Within seconds these get opened and a ribbon gets replaced.

To where your card reader goes. This is your card reader. They're connecting a ribbon to this to capture your data.

These are bluetooth. Once that's put on, they can walk away in seconds, and they've got data from every person that uses this pump.

For months to come weeks to come, days to come, And they can remove it in seconds just as easy."

This Facebook post has gone viral, watched more than 3 million times.

The message from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is to not use gas station pumps.

Customers should go inside the convenience store and pay with their cards or pay cash.

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