Executive chairs, golf carts, tasers among missing items in state audits

(IMG:WPMI) Executive chairs, golf carts, tasers among missing items in state audits

A frustrating Reality Check tonight, iPad’s, golf carts, even $700 chairs are all things you bought unknowingly that now are considered lost or stolen. These are state items purchased with your tax dollars flagged by the state auditor's office.

NBC 15's Andrea Ramey investigates how much you're on the hook for and discovered some questionable purchases.

"The public library service: chair, lost, $766 chair, unable to locate, employee terminated. Did the terminated employee go home with their executive high back chair? asked Ramey.

"That is a possibility," replied Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler.

"Why in the world is the library service buying a $700 chair? Do you have a $700 chair," asked Ramey.

"I do not," replied Zeigler.

"Most people don't," said Ramey.

Missing executive chairs, golf carts, even a 2-ton water truck at St. Stephens Park have all been flagged as lost. Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler is tasked with accounting for state property. In his last three annual reports, he's found hundreds of items worth more than $700,000 that are as missing or stolen.

"Each one instance is real money and it's a real lack of stewardship of the taxpayer's resources," said Zeigler.

A glaring example comes from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

"Taser, Taser, Taser, $140,000 worth of Tasers?" asked Ramey.

"We've been very concerned about the track record of ALEA," replied Zeigler.

In 2015- the agency reported nearly 200 Tasers were damaged during shipping and destroyed.

"It was a strange tale," said Zeigler.

"How was it explained to you," asked Ramey.

"They were damaged in shipping and they're useless. If that were so, the shipper should be held responsible," replied Zeigler.

Zeigler says he requested the Alabama Attorney General's office step in, but that office declined. ALEA says the shipper denied the agency's claim for damages because the equipment was improperly packaged. The Tasers were damaged by water.

Coming up tonight at 10, if you thought that was infuriating wait until you see the public safety issue we discovered in the audits.

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