Creola residents still dealing with brown water

(IMG:WPMI) Creola residents still dealing with brown water

The Le Moyne water company serves roughly 16,000 people, and hundreds of those customers in Creola have to check the water coming out of the tap before they use it because they say it's often too disgusting to use.

It's been almost a year since this has been happening, and there's been no lasting relief.

It’s not easy for families.

“Baths, dishes, washing clothes, you can't even make tea unless you've got bottled water,” said Michael McPherson, a Creola husband and father.

He says it’s been going on for months, too.

Le Moyne was out flushing the lines Wednesday and invited NBC 15 News to observe. They also showed us the notices they put on residents' doors.

But the lines have been flushed before, and it just doesn’t seem to last.

They say it’s iron and manganese causing the sedimentation. Mayor William Criswell says he has heard concerns.

“There are a lot of people concerned,” he said. He said he has talked to Le Moyne and has expressed concerns, asking that they work on solutions. Even City Hall had brown water, as recently as Tuesday.

And while Le Moyne is working to flush the lines, it may take them several flushes to maintain clearer water now that usage has gone up in Creola.

Residents, are not satisfied.

“I feel like we are paying for a service and getting a problem that they're allowing to go on,” McPherson said.

Le Moyne did say that iron and manganese in the water is at non-toxic levels. However, that doesn’t do much to reassure residents who have to bathe their kids in dirty water. Le Moyne representatives expressed that they understood those concerns.

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