Creola residents say the brown water is back

(image: WPMI) Creola residents say the brown water is back

We told you last month that brown water was coming through people’s faucets in Creola. Residents reached back out to NBC 15 to tell us the problem has not gone away.

Today, the water runs clear in Maria Breed’s bathroom, but Saturday night was a different story. Brown water filled the tub.

"I’m not bathing my child in it," said Breed.

Breed says the problem has only gotten murkier.

"Now, there’s gunk in it. There’s like little chunks of skin-looking particles in it," said Breed.

She’s not the only one on her street with brown water coming through the pipes.

"You wash your whites. They come out of the wash it has a brown tint to them, and you’re expecting them to be lily white, and they’re not because of the water issues here," said Brent Orso.

Orso says its more than a hassle, it’s concerning.

"I don’t drink the water. We strictly drink bottled water," said Orso.

LeMoyne Water Systems insists the water is safe and says the brown particles are naturally occurring minerals , like iron, that sink to the bottom of the pipes when the water is still. When lots of water flows through at once, like when the fire department tested its hydrants a few months ago, it stirs those minerals up causing them to come into people’s homes.

But Breed cares less about the cause and more about getting something done.

"I’m to the point where I’m not going to pay the water bill because that’s ridiculous. I’m not paying for dirty water that I can’t even bath my child in. What are we going to do here?" said Breed.

LeMoyne Water says if the water comes in brown, run it until it is clear. The manager says they're continuing to flush out the system to clear the pipes and have hired an engineer to review the issue.

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