Audit of Alabama 911 board reveals questionable use of tax dollars

(image: MGN) Audit of Alabama 911 board reveals questionable use of tax dollars

Alabama’s statewide 911 board has some explaining to do after an audit revealed questionable ways your tax dollars were being spent between 2015 and 2018.

The board is appointed by the governor to oversee the state's emergency communications.

Chris Heger from Baldwin County is one of the 13 members.

That audit pinned red flags on transactions made by the board.

Some of the highlights include paying too much for legal services.

The board reimbursed an attorney at an hourly rate of $336.02 dollars instead of $195 per hour, which is the rate approved by the governor. That resulted in overpayment of $1,523.02.

The audit revealed the board made purchases totaling $2,348.53 on items that weren’t an administrative expense or grant.

They paid

  • $436.04 for coffee
  • $148.41 for creamer
  • $92.68 for fast food
  • $111.27 for personal items such as tissue, hand sanitizer and soap
  • $957.57 for meals for presentations, training sessions and meetings with contractors

The audit also revealed there were improper travel charges and missing credit card receipts, and the board did not verify employee’s eligibility through e-verify.

In the report, recommendations were made to get the board to straighten up.

Read the report

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