Superintendent candidate wants Gulf Shores job after only a year in Huntsville

Superintendent candidate wants Gulf Shores job after only a year in Huntsville (WPMI)

The front runner for Superintendent in Gulf Shores is currently the Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools.

Matt Akin has only had the Huntsville job for a little over a year and is already trying to leave.

Akin says the Gulf Shores community and the promise of a small school system is what attracted him to leave Huntsville behind.

A crowd of residents watched Thursday as Gulf Shores City School Board members interviewed Akin for more than an hour at City Hall.

The Board asked Akin about numerous topics, including his plans for the future of Gulf Shores schools, how he will address education, school facilities and the city’s budget, among other things.

Akin says he wants to develop a strong relationship with community members, show teachers that they're appreciated and create a better dialog with educators.

Akin is the top choice of 27 applicants and one of 10 sitting superintendent candidates.

According to School board members, Akin is the only name released so far due to a privacy request from other candidates.

Akin was hired as the Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools in March of 2017.

NBC 15 wanted to know why Akin intends to leave Huntsville for Gulf Shores and if locals can count on him for the long haul.

Akin pointed to Gulf Shores’ dedication to education and the opportunity to build a system from the ground up.

“Just the fact that I think Gulf Shores is that right fit, I don’t like to move, I don’t like to start over,” said Akin, “We’ve been so successful in a small school system and transforming and providing opportunities for kids. That’s what really motivates me and that’s why I’m standing here right now.”

Akin also pointed out his 14 year tenure as superintendent in Piedmont, Alabama, which is another small system.

The Gulf Shores City School Board now plans to discuss Akin’s interview.

Board members are welcoming comments from the public.

You can contact the Board on the city’s website.

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