Project Education: Drivers speeding in school zones putting kids at risk


Speeding drivers putting your kids at risk, and we're there as Mobile Police bust those defying the school zone speed limit.. NBC 15's Andrea Ramey exposes the problem spots.

The lights are flashing letting drivers know 15 is the limit, but crossing guard Carolyn Hawthorne says many drivers who come through her school zone either don't care or are too distracted to notice. The latter, Hawthorne says, was case in early December when a truck hit her.

"I landed really hard with my weight, and then my head went back and I thought it cracked. I still have pain," said Hawthorne.

She's back at work, blasting her whistle at those who won't slow down.

She's not the only one. Police are also getting after speeders, and we're there as it takes just 20 seconds for Cpl. Hargrove to nab one.

Despite the excuse..

"I need to go to the rest room," said the driver.

A ticket is issued.

"How fast was she going?" asked Ramey.

"It started at 27 is when she originally got my attention," replied Hargrove.

"Is that the fastest you've seen people driving in a school zone this morning?" asked Ramey.

"No, the fastest I've got is 33 miles per hour," said Ramey.

"Too fast for a school zone. Very fast. Way too fast," said Hargrove.

Last month police wrote 86 tickets just in one week in various school zones, the majority were for speeding.

"We did see quite a number of people driving over the speed limit in the school zones," said Cpl. Jonathan Mixon.

Corpus Christi had the most tickets written followed by Fonde Elementary. Cottage Hill Christian is also a problem area, with 44 speeding tickets written there last month.

"It can be pretty bad," said Mixon.

Cpl. Mixon works traffic homicides and has to notify next of kin when their loved ones have died in an accident. Mixon says they enforce the speed limits because he never wants to knock on another door.

"It's so that if you need to stop because a child darts out in front of you, you can stop a lot faster," said Mixon.

"I blow my whistle and it's like they speed up. It just hurts me to know they have no regard for the safety of these children," said Hawthorne.

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