Project Education: Williamson High School Rezoning

(image: WPMI) Project Education: Williamson High School Rezoning

A rezoning vote for Williamson High School zone is set for today. This change will allow several kids who go to middle school on Williamson's campus to also go to high school there instead of Murphy high.

Its a battle Williamson High School parents tell NBC 15 news: They've been fighting for two years.

School board member Robert Battles says today's vote can make an historic impact in his school zone, one big enough to turn around the stigma, that Williamson is nothing but a failing school.

Right now more than 100 students who go to middle school on the Williamson campus move to Murphy when its time for high school.

School board member Robbert Battles is confident the vote is going to be in his community's favor.

Superintendent Martha Peek also supports rezoning Williamson high school as well, but she says something to consider, is that there are plans for major renovations in the works at Williamson.

They don't want to fully change zoning while a new gym, 8 new school classrooms, and a science lab are being worked on.

Aside from cutting down unnecessarily long commutes, Battles believes this change will improve Williamson's failing school status

The vote for rezoning is set to take place tonight at the school board meeting.

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