Project Education: School zone speeding Part 2


We're continuing our newest series of stories called “Project Education”, as we dig into the issues impacting our children inside and outside the classroom. We are focusing on drivers putting your children at risk as they speed through school zones.

Mobile Police Department spent time last month surveying various school zones. During the time period of one week, MPD issued a total of 86 tickets with more than half being issued for speeding in school zones.

The area of Hillcrest Road and McKenna Drive at Corpus Christi School had the highest number of speeding citations written, followed by Fonde Elementary School on Azalea Road.

MPD Traffic Safety Unit stresses the importance of driving the recommended speed limit in school zones.

“It's so that if you need to stop because a child darts out in front of you, you can stop a lot quicker. Obviously you can come to a complete stop at 15 mph a lot faster than you can at 40 mph,” said Cpl. Johnathan Mixon.

Project Education is a new investigative franchise we're starting at NBC 15 News. This year, we are going to take a very close look at what's going on inside your child's school, but we need your help identifying problems in all schools in our viewing area. So if you have a story, we'll help you investigate just call us at 251-652-1210.

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