LeFlore High School adds Public Safety Academy

Mobile Police and Fire Departments to start Public Safety Academy at LeFlore High School

A new public safety academy will start in the fall at LeFlore High School. This is a first-of-its kind academy at the school. What better role models for the students than those men and women who are already in the field?

Mobile County fire, police and schools signed off on Leflore High School having a public safety academy.

"I'm excited," said Chief Mark Sealy of Mobile Fire and Rescue.

It gives students the opportunity to learn the "why" behind the badges.

"I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. This just creates another pathway for them to hire on with us."

"We're going get them excited about what we do," said Sealy.

There are no worries about who's footing the bill to pay the firefighters or police officers to come out and teach; it'll all be a part of their work day.

"So there's no additional cost associated with it, other than when they are scheduled to do a particular type of training. They'll be assigned to come over and do it," Chief Lawrence Battiste of the Mobile PD.

The academy will run through the JROTC program. Police officers and fire fighters will visit Leflore regularly to talk about their jobs and public safety while giving students the motivation they need.

"I was actually one of these students," said Superintendent-Elect Chresal Threadgil.

Mobile County's incoming Superintendent and Leflore High graduate, Chresal Threadgil said he's been in these student's shoes before and is excited about the program.

"So I understand the students, and I understand exactly what they need and I’m here to be an advocate for them," said Threadgil.

This is a one-year trail run for the academy, but the principal at Leflore told NBC 15 News he’s confident that the program will last for years to come.

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