McIntosh High School students stage walkout in support of Principal

(image: WPMI) McIntosh High School students stage walkout in support of Principal

High school students staged a walkout Thursday in Washington County, Alabama. The walkout was in support of their former principal who was ousted last week. A key reason for the local school board not not to renew her contract was for "bad morale" at the school.

It was at high noon today and nearly every student at this small rural high school walked out. Some even had a speech prepared.

"Today, Mrs. Sauls, I salute you. I salute you for who are. My very first year here at McIntosh High School August 2015 you greeted me with a great smile for that I salute you," said student Amanda Barnes.

After four years on the job, former principal Jamelle Sauls was let go by the Washington County School Board.

The board simply didn't renew her contract.

"It was because of low student morale and test scores, but we're off the failing list this year so they cant use that, so now they're saying the students don't want her here and they are proving that they actually do," said McIntosh resident Tracy Broussard who's relatives go to the school.

In addition to today's walkout, the community has set up an online petition asking the board to re-instate Principal Sauls.

Parents and students say today's ourpouring of support for Sauls was their idea and they realize that changing the minds of the school board and the superintendent won't be easy. Today was about letting those in power know how they feel.

"It could change their mind, and I've talked to several of the board members, and they are willing to re-vote so that's a good thing," said Betty Davis President of the High School Alumni Association.

We were told none of the students will be punished for today's walkout.

We did reached out to the Superintendent and to the local school board representative for comment. We never heard back.

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