Dangerous school bus driver investigation update

(IMG:WPMI) Dangerous school bus driver investigation update

There is new information about a school bus driver Citronelle parents and students say put their lives at risk.

“You feel as if you are not being heard," concerned parent Jessica Boothe said.

NBC 15 News is the only station fighting for answers and holding the Mobile County school system accountable as we ask administrators what's being done to protect students and everyone on the road.

Superintendent Martha Peek says this driver is still on the road, just on a different bus route.

“It seems simple, but it's not,” Superintendent Martha Peek said.

Parents can't understand how the evidence simply isn't enough for immediate action.

“What is it going to take to have her removed,” concerned parent Kimberly Slaughter asked. “Is it going to take her taking a life or hurting a students or even an adult?"

Parents point to two incidents involving the same driver.

Last week, they say she swerved off the road and clipped a brick mailbox. Students claim she was texting while driving.

A mother who captured another video days earlier says her footage shows the same driver speeding past her on a narrow dirt road in Citronelle.

We asked Superintendent Peek what other evidence they need.

“We don't need any more evidence unless somebody has something that they haven't reported,” Peek replied. “What we have to do is go back and consider all of the details, look at all of the film and look at everything.”

Peek and school administrators tell NBC 15 News they aren't able to prove the driver was texting while driving like students claim at this point.

Still, the driver has been disciplined, and she will be tracked behind the wheel while the investigation continues.

As they collect the evidence and compare it to bus camera footage, Peek says this driver will still have children on her bus. This prompted us to ask if that’s normal protocol in an employee investigation.

“I think it all depends on what the details are,” Peek said. “When we know what the circumstances are, what was taking place. We would never have a driver on another route that we cannot certify that they are driving safely and meeting safety requirements.”

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