Major opioid manufacturers find themselves in a lawsuit


Kristy Wells lost nearly everything because of her addiction to opioids which started with a back injury.

"I went from taking four to five pills a day to 70 a day, 70 lortab 10's every single day of my life." said Wells.

Emergency rooms are filled addicts seeking their next fix, overdose patients, and newborns already addicted to painkillers.

"A federal class action lawsuit filed by hospitals claim pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors created the opioid crisis that kills tens of thousands or people every year by misrepresenting the dangers to doctors. And they say it's costing hospitals billions -- $35 billion since 2010."

This is the first class action lawsuit filed by hospitals and they're asking for Rico damages as well.

That's the same law used to prosecute the mafia.

We contacted all of the defendants. Johnson & johnson, endo and purdue denied the claims. A purdue spokesperson saying the company looks forward to presenting its defense.

The legal team for the plaintiffs consisting of six firms from four states is actively recruiting more hospitals and gearing up for a long legal battle.

As for Wells, she's off opioids and helping others battle addiction.

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