Wedding ring scam circulating on Craigslist

(Source: WPMI) Scammers targeting wedding ring sellers on Craigslist

Scammers have a new target, people selling their old wedding rings online. The scammers are contacting sellers on Craiglist and asking if the rings can be shipped overnight and if the buyer will accept Paypal.

"He says 'I'm about to get deployed. I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me before I leave overseas,'" said Detective Randy Aliva with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. "Probably an hour later, they'll receive an email that seems legitimate from Paypal, unbeknownst to them it's a counterfeit email. It's not from Paypal."

To avoid getting scammed, do your business face to face if possible, or make sure the money has cleared before sending your item.

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