Texas flooding breaks records

(IMAGE: NBC) Texas flooding breaks records

18 central Texas counties are under a state of emergency.

More pouring rain and flooding is expected as rivers continue to rise.

This flooding is historic for some Texas communities.

This morning, with more rain expected in central Texas, rivers are rising and the floodwaters are devastating.

Northwest of Austin emergency rescue teams are out in force.

One person was seen crawling out of a window and onto one of the rescue boats.

In Travis County a sheriff's deputy had to be plucked from the top of his SUV after getting trapped in the rushing water.

At least two people have died.

Patricia Heineke has lived in Kingsland, Texas for three decades.

She never imagined the Llano river would surge through her front door.

Officials say more water has fallen into Lake Travis in the last week than the city of Austin typically uses in four years.

Near the lake the floodwaters rose up to 12 feet.

This man used a boat to save some furniture from his second floor.

Others were too late.

One man posting for help on social media "Our boat dock is loose on ake travis"

Later, a drone spotted it miles away.

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