SAFETY ALERT: Baby monitor hacked


Investigators are looking into a Texas family's report that someone hacked into their baby monitor and pretended to kidnap their son!

Ellen and Nathan Rigney put two cameras with audio above their son's crib.

The cameras operate through the nest wi-fi camera network.

They thought he was safe until they heard a voice.

"We heard. sexual expletives being said in his room. So we throw on the light in our room. He turned that camera on, and told us to turn off the light and then said, 'I'm going to kidnap your baby, I'm in your baby's room.'"

Nathan and Ellen ran upstairs only to find their son Topper safe and sound.

They immediately shut down the cameras and called police.

"You have something that is supposed to make you feel better and instead it makes you feel the opposite. It makes you feel, umm, invaded and uncomfortable." said Ellen.

Ellen and Nathan are now sharing there story online with other parents.. hoping it alerts them to the possible dangers of baby monitor hacking.

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