Parent: Florida teacher had students drown caged raccoons during class

(image: MGN) Parent: Florida teacher had students drown caged raccoons during class

According to the Miami Herald, Marion County, Florida, teacher Dewie Brewton was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday while officials investigate allegations that he drowned trapped raccoons with student participation during school hours, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

A parent said she was "disgusted" when her son, a student in the Forest High School agricultural science class, brought home video of the incident she said he secretly recorded.

"My son stood in the background, hid his phone and watched as they filled these trash cans full of water, and held these raccoons down in trash cans in the cages,” the parent told the station.

In the clip, students can be seen standing around a black trashcan filled with water. A metal wire cage appears to be placed in the can at the top of the water. One students suggests switching "him" into a smaller cage and then putting it "back in there."

Marion County School District spokesman Kevin Christian told the Ocala Star Banner the district had "received statements that the teacher drowned multiple animals in front of students, and with student participation, because the animals were nuisance animals to the ag program at the school," and that Dewie Brewton had been removed from class pending an investigation.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is also investigating, and told WJCB it was "looking into" the legality of the alleged incident .

On Facebook, the alumni group of the Forest High School Future Farmers of America posted a statement defending Brewton, saying he was a man "who would give everything" to make sure students were taken care of.

"He has always gone above and beyond his call of duty to ensure that his students had everything they needed. He has spent late nights, weekends and has provided around the clock support for his club and for his school," the statement read. "He is a man of faith and has always provided the wisdom and guidance needed for his students to succeed. He is a supporter of the agriculture industry and the FFA. The media is going to make this situation escalate to lengths that are unnecessary and we must stand together and focus on the facts."

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