NEW VIDEO: Female seen pacing after Dallas shooting

(image: WPMI) NEW VIDEO: Female seen pacing after Dallas shooting

You're watching the aftermath of the deadly officer involved shooting out of dallas that left an unarmed man dead.

Police have not confirmed if this is Officer Amber Guyger.

But a woman is seen pacing back and forth on the floor after the shooting happened.

Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger says she was off-duty when she mistakenly entered her neighbor Botham Shem Jean's apartment and shot him.

His apartment was on the 4th floor and Guyger lived on the 3rd floor.

The door was allegedly ajar and Guyger entered seeing Jean's silhouette and thought it was a burglar.

Jean's family attorney says there were two witnesses who were his roommates.

They say they both heard a knock and pounding on the door and a females voice saying "let me in". Shortly followed by gunshots.

Guyger says she shot him after he ignored verbal commands.

Guyger now charged with manslaughter, but that charge could be upgraded.

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