NAACP leaders call for action after Hoover shooting ruling

(image: WPMI) NAACP leaders call for action after Hoover shooting ruling

NAACP leaders and the ACLU are now calling on Attorney General Steve Marshall to release his reasons for ruling 21-year-old Emantic Bradford Junior's death justified.

They want to know why Attorney General Marshall took the EJ Bradford shooting case from the Jefferson County District Attorney and ruled the officer involved shooting justified without even sending it to a grand jury.

The NAACP and ALCU say Bradford was a man who was doing only what lawmakers say will help solve mass shooting problems.

Surveillance video released shows Bradford holding a gun after a barrage of gunfire erupted at the Galleria Mall near Birmingham.

An 18 and 12-year-old were injured.

The officer who shot Bradford said he thought he was the shooter.

It was later discovered he was not but a military man with a license to carry.

The NAACP and ALCU are also calling for the police officer who was cleared to resign.

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