Jehovah Witness teacher's aide sex scandal guilty on all counts

A verdict has been reached in the trial of a former teacher’s aide from Lake Worth, he was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl he met through church functions.

The jury of 6 was unanimous-- finding Hugh Murray guilty on all counts.

On the third day of the trial against Murray-- just before noon-- a note came from the jury asking to hear the phone call between the 15-year-old victim and Murray -- the state made that recording one of their key pieces of evidence, but there was also a slew of naked pictures, and DNA, all showed Murray and the teen were having sexual relations.

The background on the story:

Murray and the victim are both Jehovah witnesses and attend the same kingdom hall in the Lake Worth area-- Murray recruited the victim for a congregation coed flag football game-- then started visiting her at her home while her parents were at work or asleep.

Ultimately, the girl’s parents did find out --law enforcement was notified and told Murray to stay away, but Murray kept on calling.

40 counts of sexual battery, possession of child pornography--guilty verdicts on all.

There was also a charge for extortion-- Murray threatening to show the victim’s parents explicit images.

Bond was revoked so Murray is behind bars and sentencing is scheduled for March.

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