Government Shutdown: Money from fundraiser held up at USDA

(image: WPMI) Government Shutdown: Money from fundraiser held up at USDA

12-year-old Keith Gentry is one of the youngest victims of the government shutdown.

He is waiting for $4,000 the federal government owes him.

Keith took advantage of a program offered by the Department of Agriculture through his local 4-H club to borrow money to train animals for the county fair.

It works like this: Kids who take out loans raise money to pay the government back, but they're allowed to raise more money than they borrowed so they can train more animals.

They have to give the USDA everything they raise, even if it's more than they initially borrowed with the promise they will get any excess back.

Keith got a $2,000 loan to train a lamb. Then he raised $6,000 total.

He had to give it all to the USDA and is waiting for the $4,000 difference he is owed.

A USDA official confirms Keith's check has been processed.

But like all those furloughed employees he won't get it until the shutdown is over.

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