#FreeCyntoiaBrown demands justice for child sex slave jailed for killing man who used her

Fox 17 Investigates: Child sex slave in Nashville prison for killing man who used her (Fox 17 News)

Social media posts by stars Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West are bringing new light to a FOX 17 News investigation regarding Cyntoia Brown, a child sex slave who is currently jailed in Nashville for killing the man who used her.

Both posts end with the hashtag -- #FreeCyntoiaBrown, which has now gone viral. The stars, among thousands of others on social media, are demanding justice for Brown.

Brown was bought for sex at the young age of 16 by a 43-year-old Nashville real-estate agent, whom she later killed.

The jury sentenced Brown under the law at the time giving her life in prison. She’d only be eligible for parole is after serving 51 years. She would be 67.

Watch the full investigative repport from FOX 17 News Anchor Stacy Case:

A documentary from Filmmaker Dan Birman documents seven years of following the case.

“I'm glad we were able to start that conversation," Birman said. "How this turns out that's going to be for lawyers, judges, governor and others to figure out.”

There are now plenty who want her set free. It’s a very dedicated group of people working on a clemency campaign for Cyntoia. They want the Governor and the Parole Board to really look at the unique factors of her case. Unique factors like the work she's done behind bars for years, long before anyone floated the idea of clemency.

Brown's pro bono attorney said Brown is shocked about the outpouring of national support for her.

“I talked to Cyntoia about noon today," Charles Bone said. "She's very shocked and surprised and thankful as we all are for the interest of these celebrities. In today's world, we never know…when you're going to do a story that lights a fire.

“Just to see all the people and all the different organizations who believe in me and who want to stand up for me, it's humbling and mind blowing," Brown said.

The prosecutor back then Jeff Burks says clemency supporters have it all wrong. He works in Georgia now.

"There has been a group of people who have wanted to make Ms. Brown a victim and a celebrity since this happened," Brown wrote to Fox 17 News. "She was not 'trafficked' nor was she a 'sex slave.' It's not fair to the victim and his family that the other side of this case is so seldom heard."

Thousands have taken to social media using the hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown:

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