Exclusive: Video shows chaos after pit bull kills dog in Okeeheelee Park, Fla.

A pit bull attacked and killed a woman's dog last weekend in Okeeheelee Park. Video shared with CBS12 shows people trying to bring the attacking dog under control. (WPEC)

One woman's tiny Yorkie is already dead, a second dog is trapped in the jaws of a pit bull. One man is sitting on the pit bull, holding it down. Two other men are punching and kicking the attacking dog to get it to let go of the other dog in its mouth.

The scene is part of new dramatic video obtained by CBS12 reporter Niala Charles from a woman who went to the dog park last Saturday with her husband and 11-year-old daughter.

The woman did not want to go on camera or be identified but she told CBS12 she had never seen anything like it before. We'll call her "Sally."

"So horrifying," said "Sally." Her daughter witnessed the attack and is now having trouble sleeping.

"Sally" told CBS12 wonders what can be done to keep people safe in dog parks. She also hoped the man who brought the dog to the park takes some part of the responsibility.

Fernando Gonzalez told CBS12 he took the dog to Peggy Adams to surrender the dog. He says the shelter wouldn't take the dog. Peggy Adams Animal Rescue told CBS12 the man never made any request to surrender the dog. Gonzalez say she then took the dog to Okeeheelee Park to find its real owner. Gonzalez has been cited by Animal Control for failure to properly confine dog, failure to vaccinate dog against rabies, failure to comply with county tag requirements and failure to comply with county sterilization program.

CBS12 confirmed with Palm Beach Animal Care and Control the video is part of its investigation.

The pit bull remains in quarantine.

A decision on whether to put it down has yet to be determined.

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